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Nováčany 145

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Košice area


Bio Farm Zlatý Hýľ

Bio Farm Zlatý Hýľ is an agrotouristic centre for all, who are interested in the farm life and who enjoy quality food products. We providee quality services and various opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities, while being situated only 16 km away from Košice. Since 2006, the farm promotes organic and environmentally-friendly agriculture production. It covers an area of about 520 ha, while it primarily focuses on the animal husbandry. 

Our vision is to offer an unforgettable experience of ecologic agrotourism in the region of Slovak ore mountains. We offer you an authentic experience and insight into typical life on a farm, an opportunity to taste our fresh BIO products, an experience of being close to farm animals and also a quality accommodation in our cozy Bed&Breakfast. Some of our other services and facilities are professional ninepins playing field, day bar, farm tour, children playground, sheep milking show and much more.


Bio Farm Zlatý Hýľ is a part of a complex, which also comprises Bio Hotel&Wellness****,which is located only 10km from the farm. The hotel is currently being built to be ready for our guests in autumn 2019. Wellness&Spa area is already available for our farm guests. 

Here, you may read more about what we are preparing for you.

Our story

About why we are Zlatý Hýľ...

Once upon a time...almost 777 years ago, in one magical forest near a field, filled with blackberries and dandelions; where you could smell a sweet scent of wild flowers;  beautiful little birds called "Hýľ" were flying around.

Many people used to go to the forest to hunt mushrooms and one of them was a young man called Štefan.

He enjoyed walking around the fields and watching the birds a lot, therefore one day he decided to build a small cottage for himself and his family on those fields.

He even started calling himself Štefan Hýľ.

It did not took long and other people  started joining Štefan´s family until they formed a small village, which they named Hýľov.

Štefan´ son Tomáš also shared his father´s love for the birds and he used to watch them every day. Once, he saw a bird, which was very different from the other ones. When Tomáš came closer, he could see a golden dust on the wings of the little bird, which was very strange...

Tomáš had to think about the bird ever-since and he could not even sleep because of the bird´s strange appearance. In the next morning, he decided to find out why the bird was gold dusted... Tomáš  decided that he will follow the bird during the day..

Tomáš was walking for many hours and the bird was flying above him for a long time, until by the end of the day, they came into one unknown part of the forest with a big cave, which was hidden right next to a small pond. When Tomáš entered the cave, he could not believe what he saw...It was all glittering, because of the gold, in which was the cave covered from the bottom to the top....

Tomáš did not keep the cave as a secret, and he told about it to his dad immediately. Soon,they started to mine the gold and they became very rich. When the king of the country found out about the gold, he sent there more mineworkers to help them. The miners came there with their families and they all formed a village, which they later called Zlatá Idka. 

...But, what did happen to our little golden bird?...

When he flew back to his bird home, he found out that he was not welcomed there anymore, because of his distinctive gold appearance.

He could not even go to the cave,where he used to play,  because there were the gold miners.

Therefore, he decided to settle down in a quiet and beautiful place, in between the two villages: Hýľov and Zlatá Idka. Here he built a nest and soon found a female birdie, with whom he fell in love...They lived there together for many happy years and after them their children and the children's children and their descendants live there even now, and the beautiful place is called

Zlatý Hýľ.

Here, we have created for our guests,with love and respect to the nature, the oasis of relax, peace and something more, which will please both, your body and soul.

Welcome to Bio resort Zlatý Hýľ!