Our values and vision

"We produce BIO, We offer BIO, therefore we are BIO!"

The vision of the Bio resort Zlatý Hýľ is to be a first class provider of ecotourism services, while every element of our service is in accordance with ecological principles; which means without any harmful interference with the surrounding nature. 

Our vision within the gastronomy is to be a self-sufficient food experience provider. We are willing to serve to our dear guests tasty food of the highest quality, cooked primarily from our farm´s  fresh organic products. 

We always nurture our animals with love and respect and we train our employees to do so. The animals are fed by ecologic fodder, which is primarily produced by our green fields. 

Our goal is to be able to cater to various customer groups: to the younger and elderly; to the more or less demanding. Because of this, we offer different types of accommodation: Bed&Breakfast and our luxurious BIO Hotel&Wellness Zlatý Hýľ, restaurants and attractions for guests.

Our "BIO"

With a respect to nature and people

For us, BIO means offering services, which are performed sparingly to the surrounding nature.  our food products are made from ecological animal breeding and plant cultivation. We do not use any pesticides, nor dangerous chemical substances for the plant cultivation. We take into consideration today, but we  think about the future generations by acting sustain-ably to the community and the surrounding nature. P

Our products are and always will be fresh and of the highest quality.

We believe that we are an asset to the community around the resort, by providing them with various work opportunities and healthy food products.  We also strive to improve the recognition of the Slovak Ore mountains area as a tourist destination.


To our employees, we are- at all costs- respectful and just; and we provide them with necessary benefits and training. 

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