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We offer you,a variety of BIO products made of sheep milk, fresh meat, eggs and vegetables. Our products are produced based on the principles of eco agriculture and that is why, they are more tasty, healthy and of the best quality. 

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Bio eggs
-eggs produced by our happy hens. Providing our hens with enough living space and quality fodder is important to us and it is reflected in the quality of the eggs.
price: 0,25 /egg
Bio sheep cheese
-tender, aging, non-pasteurized cheese, made from 100% sheep milk
price: 10,20€/kg
Bio 100% bryndza (traditional slovak cheese)
-non-pasteurized, aged 100% sheep cheese with a distinctive odour and taste, full of probiotics and vitamins
price: 14€/kg
Bio  beef/veal meat
-taste our juicy and tender beef or veal meat from Angus/Charolais breed. Our calfs, cows and bulls are out on the fields for the majority of the year; with a natural fodder (mainly grass or our own produced straw)
price: differs based on the offer
Bio žinčica (sheep milk drink)
-traditional sheep milk drink made of sheep whey, full of proteins and vitamins
price: 3€/liter

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